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Samantha Moore in the Individual Medley at the 2015 Jag Invite
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ONTARIO, CA; (01/15/2015) Gil Zendejas:

Ontario dominated the visiting Don Lugo Conquistadores at Ontario High School tonight. Don Lugo was unable to field a JV team so all eyes turned to the Varsity contest. Don Lugo forfeited two weight classes and Ontario 1. Winning their matches by pin were: Matthew Bobe (140 lbs); Jesse Palomar (154 lbs); Isaac Maldonado (162 lbs); Anthony Anaya (184 lbs); Isaiah de los Santos (197 lbs) and Heavyweight Travis Duran.

During the final match of the night, Duran (285 lbs) tossed his opponent to the mat, breaking the opponent's arm when he landed on him.

Isaiah de los Santos (197#) pins his opponent

"The Roar and the Grace of the Big Cats Leave the Audience Purring"
ONTARIO, CA; (12/10/2014) Milt Wilson, Theatre Critic, the Good Times by permission:

The last time this newspaper wrote about a gathering of more than 300 students it was to report on a mob protesting one more bit of national news. Last Friday evening the only thing being protested by both students and the assembled witnesses was that the new Ontario High Principal would not allow the skilled performers of the Fine Arts Department to continue showing off their talents right up to and through midnight.

We theater critics get into shows for free, making up for our insultingly low salaries, but there are many productions in Las Vegas and New York City where a single seat, and oftentimes not even a very comfortable one, can cost you up to $200. I have thought before that for that amount of money you should be entertained with a large orchestra, some inspired singing, a lot of clever dancing, a bit of acting, a film and video segment, and, hey, while you’re at it, how about some paintings thrown in? If you were lucky enough to score a ticket for the December 5
th Ontario show, that’s just what you got, all cleverly packaged up under the title of “Come Together.” The Fine Arts faculty came together to develop the concept of the production and to oversee the rehearsals, the 300+ students came together to be a part of those seemingly endless learning sessions, and we smiling members of the audience brought together all of our good senses of hearing, sight, and feelings of enjoyment for creating memories that will long be with us. Jaguars should now become the new favorite pets for all of us who enjoy watching and hearing sleek objects of beauty and power.

I run at least five years behind in keeping up with modern vocabulary, but may I be permitted a simple AWESOME to summarize my emotions about this production? Would someone then give me the proper word to describe the instantaneous reaction of the audience when a group of artists up in the Stage Left balcony went from seemingly random dabbing of paint brushes on large pieces of paper to that instant reveal of the best caricature of John Lennon ever made? That face, those glasses, that simplest and best of all song titles, “Imagine.” Will a simple “memorable!!” do?

I sang in the school choir. I played triangle AND woodblock, starting as early as the 3
rd grade. I acted in musicals that I helped to write. I have put together films and videos. I still smear around acrylics onto poor defenseless pieces of canvas. Dancing is an art that I know better than to even try. Would you believe three left feet? Maybe four? Let me therefore be a bit unfair to all the other wonderful artists of the Come Together cast and close here by saying that I have seen hundreds of stage productions in my reviewing life, but the Ontario dance group is unique in all those viewings. It is a tough art, one that the term “amateur” can stick to all too easily. The Jaguar dancers have caught that difficult to accomplish professionalism that is truly rare on any stage, especially a high school one. Graceful motion that has left me purring. Thanks for all of your hard and dedicated work.



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